Everyone wears clothes, I paint... .......I have put my clothes, and those of people I have met during my trips in the U.S., onto my canvasses.

For me, this is about an exchange between minds, a process of evolving by losing something of ourselves, about learning something from a stranger or ourselves.
I symbolize this using the clothes.
I have cut them, torn them into pieces, and sewn them onto canvasses.

The pieces of cloth show or hide parts of the painting, just as we always hide things from ourselves or other people. You can lift pieces off the canvas and look beneath, thus changing the painting itself.

I try to create a spirit of evolution and freedom, and focus on the important role the clothes play in the evolution of mind.
Colors, energies and forms are a language, visible and invisible, from which you can read the vibes and spirituality within your life, just as you can upon my canvasses .

I paint about people I have met, about life.
I try to show the emotions that come from people, which I absorb as if I were a sponge and express through the presence of the cloth.
The clothes are symbols, fetichs, Voodoun, energy on my canvas.

As I worked on the canvas, coincidences surrounded the work and my life.
I felt that an invisible force was guiding events, but I tried to stay detached from it. At the same time I realized that it was going to teach me more and more about myself. It changed me from the inside out, like a snake, accelerating, opening the dark line in front of me across the bridge.
I felt born again in "Spiral-time".

We all grow up with suffering or joy.

I think that everything is a long chain, permeable, connected from the body to the spirit, from the past to the future.

I.G. , Miami, August 98.

Yellow Spirit The burning man
4."Yellow spirit"
8."The burning man"
  1. "Agressive Body"
    This is my blue shirt. It was worn and pulled out of shape by an aggressive, alcoholic, sick, violent and perverted girl.
    I tried to wear it afterwards, but I couldn't. So i decided to cut it up and put it on the canvas. It means suffering, self-destruction, madness, and vice.
  2. " Hurt Face".
    This painting is made with the back of the same blue shirt. It means the double-edge of something that disturbs the mind, a trauma, a invisible illness.
    You feel it later, too late.....
  3. "The Blue Face"
  4. "The Yellow Spirit"
    These paintings operate toghether. Within the Blue face you can see the yellow full-moon. It grows up in the second painting, and becomes the spirit of the yellow face. The blue face is about a meeting, about a discovery of one's true self through interactions with others.
    The white piece of cloth hides each eye from the other during the magic of the full moon. On the yellow spirit, you can see a fishing net hide the body and the union; during the full moon you swim naked in the ocean.
  5. " Marvin "
    A very nice guy, with a heart that grew up inside him.
  6. " Izu"
    No comment.
  7. "Indian Head"
    The Spirituality, the Traditions, the Pipe, the Smoke... and the Flying Dreams.
  8. "The Burning Man" (5 m x 2m)
    This is the vision of my future.

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